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Pregnancy Bump Strap Protect Unborn Baby Pregnancy Must Haves for Make Driving More Comfor

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  • Pregnancy Bump Strap: Designed for pregnant women,the bump strap adjuster makes the Pregnancy Bump Strap sit across your two legs, instead of over the belly. Not only for pregnant women, but also for passengers whose belly aren't suitable for squeezing, such as big belly, abdominal wounds.
  • Inverted Hook Design: Completely tool-free and easy to install, doesn't take extra time to unstrap and re-strap so that it is more practical for daily use. The barb design assures the Pregnancy Bump Strap won't Slide out from the adjuster, keep passengers always steady and safe.
  • Protect Unborn Baby: The Pregnancy Bump Strap moves the position of the abdominal Pregnancy Bump Strap to the leg by means of a barb which causes much comfortable for growing baby. Please confirm that the Pregnancy Bump Strap can fully wrap around your seat. Gift idea for Pregnancy Mothers!
  • Premium Material: Pregnancy strap adjuster is made of premium quality nylon material, durable, sturdy, and no-slip, can use long time. The hook is made of high-strength material, so there is no need to worry about the stability of the product connection.
  • Fit for Most of Vehicles:Suitable for various car models. It does not affect the heating and ventilation of the seat, nor does it affect other passengers and driver.
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    Pregnancy Bump Strap Protect Unborn Baby Pregnancy Must Haves for Make Driving More Comfor
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