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BSROLUNA Travel Pillow Car Sleeping Long Journeys Pillows for The Back seat Adults and Chi

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  • Versatile and Comfortable: Unique U-Shaped Backrest with Arms for Multi-scene use,PROVIDES YOU RELIEF in the arms,neck and back by lifting your body to a relaxed ergonomic position. Provides a comfortable posture for sleeping, reading, relaxing, watching TV, gaming, and working.
  • High Quality and Fabric: BSROLUNA travel car pillow is made of super soft fabric, filled with enough PP cotton, soft and removable, the fabric has constant temperature properties, warm in winter and cool in summer. High quality sewn, well-built and rigorously tested to enjoy for years to come.
  • Support and Creativity: As a car travel pillow, the perfect combination of U-shaped design and seat bottom belt solves the safety problem of long-distance travel for children and the elderly. Any direction will be supported to make your travel more comfortable and safer.
  • Travel Pillow for Everyone: On the long journey, our body will stagger due to sleep difficulties, and there may be potential safety hazards. The travel pillow can solve these problems very well, and when the child sleeps in the car, no matter the head is tilted in any direction, it will be well supported.
  • Travel Necessities: It is suitable for adults and children to use during travel, can be used in cars, planes, trains, school buses, and is also a great pillow for camping and sleeping.The travel pillow is packed in vacuum compression. When you open the package, it will keep expanding. You can shake it and tap it gently to help it recover. It may take twelve hours to recover to the best state.
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    BSROLUNA Travel Pillow Car Sleeping Long Journeys Pillows for The Back seat Adults and Chi
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