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In and out of class high school edition

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  • IDEAL FOR CHILDREN: To drink, press the button on the front and a mouthpiece pops out of its position; to close, press it back into the original position; a cap protects the mouth piece from dirt 100% LEAK PROOF: The kids water bottle is 100% leak-proof, even when the spout is out, a valve prevents liquids from leaking out the bottle; no more wet backpacks or spills ROBUST AND SUSTAINABLE: BPA-free water bottle for children made of lightweight, robust Tritan copolyester; sustainable reusable childrens bottle for daycare, kindergarten, school or sports EASY TO CLEAN: All parts are dishwasher safe and can be taken apart for optimal cleaning, a rubber band prevents losing or incorrectly assembling the parts IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: Kids water bottle with straw, ergonomic design and carrying strap, fits most car seat cup holders; size 11 x 8 x 17 cm; capacity 420 ml; weight 145 g ...
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