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Swatch Watch

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  • ◉ [Filled with silicone material] Filled with swaying liquid silicone, the swaying feeling is no different from reality, the soft rubbing feeling, smooth touch feeling and sinking finger feeling are real and satisfying. ◉ [Cotton Filled Material] The product is made of medical food grade silicone gel, which is safe and harmless to the human body. The chest is filled with elastic cotton, lightweight。 ◉ [Real Touch]Ssilicone bust fake milk has a lovable soft skin touch and a skin color closest to human skin. More beautiful, odorless, non-allergenic and oil-free. ◉ [Chest Nail] Widely used for cross dressers, transgender, transvestite, mastectomy, transgender, drag queens, cosplay, gifts from gay friends, etc. ◉ [Design] With the latest design, the collarbone is clear and natural, the teardrop-shaped breast shape is beautiful and attractive, and if you wear our fake breasts, you can be the most beautiful girl in the city. Probably! ◉ [High collar] Safer and more realistic, y...
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  • One Set Feeds All - Youll get 1 suction plate, 1 suction bowl, 1 silicone bib, 1 drinking cup and 3 chewable spoons from this cute set thats meant to make self-feeding like a breeze! Perfect for first stage of Baby Led Weaning. Food Grade Silicone. Free of BPA, PVC and Phthalate. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Strong Suction Power - Our Plate and Bowl stick firmly to smooth surfaces, thanks to a larger Suction Base that creates the ultimate hold. Plus, our divided plate features an impressive height of 1.9″ which is approx 35% more than average! Our Silicone Bib Never Fails to Catch Dropped Food - Designed with a deeper and sturdier pocket, our bib will keep widely open at every meal. It sits flat on chest without getting warped, and it goes extra gentle on baby skins without irritation. Our Chewable Spoon is Intuitively Easy to Use – We bet your baby will instantly grab onto our rounded and textured handle while starting to chew on those sensory bumps on the spoon head! Youll ...
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