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Plastic bottles for food packaging

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  • YOHKOH Natural Baby Bottles are made of high quality borosilicate glass, pure and clear without impurities. Paired with a liquid silicone pacifier, it can help empty the bottle of air, and the baby can comfortably complete the feeding. 100ML/3.4OZ for 0-3 months +, 260ML/8.8OZ for 6-12 months +. Meet the needs of all stages of the baby. Glass natural baby bottles with natural response nipples can control the speed of milk according to the baby suction, just like the natural sensation of breastfeeding. The bottom of the pacifier has intelligent pressure regulating valve, balance internal and external pressure, milk and air separation, to avoid the baby breathing too much air caused by colic flatulence. Only a few parts, easy to assemble. A variety of ways to clean, can be washed in high temperature water or steam. The bottle pattern and scale are made of durable non-fading ink with clear scale. ...
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