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Lil Mixins Early Allergen Introduction Powder, Hard Boiled Egg | Baby Stage 1-3, for Infan

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  • STOP ALLERGIES BEFORE THEY START: Smart feeding infant powders are pure protein supplements that make it easy to add egg protein into your baby's diet. Regular feeding of egg protein is essential to reducing your child’s risk of developing allergies. Research now says early and regular dietary exposure to a food, specifically a food often associated with allergies, may help reduce the risk of a child developing an allergy to that food.
  • EASY TO USE: Mix 2 scoops into 4oz of baby cereal, yogurt, baby pouches, baby food jars, or homemade food. May be added to a sippy cup. Adding to a bottle is not recommended. Start as early as 4 months, use 1-2 times per week and continue until 1 year of age.
  • SAFE & CLEAN INGREDIENTS: All of our powders are antibiotic free, no sweeteners, 0g sugar, and no coloring or other additives. Made in nut-free facility.
  • INTRODUCE ONE ALLERGEN AT A TIME: We individually separate our allergen powders, so you can safely introduce new allergens one at a time to watch for a reaction. NOTE: Early introduction is NOT for babies with a known allergy to a food. Do not feed a baby food they are allergic to. Compliant with American Pediatric guidelines.
  • PEDIATRICIAN APPROVED: Over 4,000 pediatricians recommend Lil Mixins to their patients for Early Allergen Introduction. Compliant with American Pediatric guidelines.
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    Lil Mixins Early Allergen Introduction Powder, Hard Boiled Egg | Baby Stage 1-3, for Infan
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