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Momcozy Double Wearable M1 LCD Hands-Free Breast Pump with 3 Modes and 9 Levels Low Noise

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  • Efficient Breast Pumping - Momcozy wearable breast pump M1 has 3 modes and 9 suction levels. Features massage mode, suction mode, and Massage & Suction mixed mode. The mixed mode design effectively promotes breast milk secretion and optimizes milk production. Ensuring each mother produces more milk in less time, giving mothers more choice and comfort.
  • All-in-one Design - Electric Breast Pump M1 is completely invisible when wearing underwear. it removes the redundant accessories of other wearable breast pumps, making assembly and cleaning easier and thin bodies. It comes with 21/24/27mm flanges and inserts, which can be selected and used according to the actual size. No silicone rings are required, making assembly easier.
  • Function upgrade - Smart LCD display, at a glance. Momcozy wearable breast pump M1 has touch buttons for an upgraded use feel. With a memory function, it can be turned off at regular intervals within 30 minutes, helping mothers to express breast milk comfortably. 1200mAh capacity battery, Type-C charging speed is faster, can be used about 90-150 mins / 3-5 times when fully charged.
  • Food-grade Silicone - Momcozy breast pump accessories are made of soft food-grade silicone that is easy to remove and clean while maintaining a good seal for optimal suction. Max suction value range: 320 ~ 360mmHg.
  • No Leakage - A silicone valve helps prevent milk leakage. Momcozy breast pump has a capacity of 150ml, it recommended optimal amount of milk to express is 120ml. The portable breast pump sucks every drop of breast milk. Correctly measure and choose the right flange size to help breast milk flow smoothly.
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    Momcozy Double Wearable M1 LCD Hands-Free Breast Pump with 3 Modes and 9 Levels Low Noise
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