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Wearable Breast Pump with APP Control Momspeace Electric Hands Free Breast Pumps with 2 Mo

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  • Hands-free Breast Pump with APP Control: Experience the freedom of our hands-free breast pump. Say goodbye to bulky, noisy machines as our wearable design sits comfortably inside your nursing bra, providing a weightless pumping experience. With our Momspeace app, you can effortlessly control your breast pump, monitor battery levels, and adjust suction settings, all without the need to reach into your bra. Now you can pump anytime, anywhere – while working, traveling, or simply relaxing at home.
  • Efficient, Gentle, and Painless Milk Expression: Our Momspeace electric breast pump is designed to mimic a baby's feeding pattern, ensuring efficient milk expression. Begin with our 2-minute massage mode, gently stimulating your breasts before pumping to ensure a painless milk release. Then, choose from our 12 adjustable suction levels in expression mode for fast and customized milk pumping that caters to your comfort, needs, and desired milk volume.
  • Easy-to-Use and Clean: We've prioritized convenience in the design of our wireless breast pump. All parts, except for the main pump body, can be easily cleaned using a dishwasher or sterilizer. Installation takes less than a minute. Our breast pump features an intelligent memory function that remembers your preferred settings and a 30-minute scheduled shutdown feature. It's also portable and rechargeable, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go moms.
  • Quiet and Leak-free Breast Pump: Enjoy discreet and comfortable pumping with our breastfeeding pump. Featuring a high-quality motor and anti-reflux design, it provides a maximum suction value range of 320 ~ 360 mmHg while maintaining a noise level below 35 dBA. Pump confidently in public or during silent nights without drawing unwanted attention. Our innovative wearable breast pump design prevents leakage and reflux, safeguarding your breast milk from contamination and promoting breast health.
  • Safe and Comfortable Breast Pump: Our breast pump is made of soft and gentle food-grade silicone, ensuring it's safe for your skin and free from harmful chemicals like BPA, BPS, PVC, and phthalates. Rest assured that your breast milk is 100% safe for your baby. Our Momspeace portable breast pumps are FDA, FCC, RoHS, and CE certified. It comes with a 24mm flange that fits most moms, a milk collector with easy measurement markings, and 6pcs valve accessories for added convenience.
  • What will you get: Get 30-day free returns, a 365-day limited warranty, and lifetime support with 24h response time. Package includes: 1 x Pump, 1 x Silicone Flange(24mm), 1 x Dust Cover, 3 x Milk Storage Bag, 6 x Valve Plate, 1 x Bra Adjustment Buckle, 1 x Type-C Cable, 1 x Storage Bag, 1 x User Manual.
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    Wearable Breast Pump with APP Control Momspeace Electric Hands Free Breast Pumps with 2 Mo
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