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vocheer Toddler Car Seat Head Support Band Adjustable Carseat Sleep Nap Aid Holder Belt He

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  • The leash with buckle can be adjustable to fix on car seats, easy to install. And it's Suitable for stroller, pram or baby car seat
  • Better safe & Better life: A Comfortable Safe Car Seat Sleep Pillow for Toddler, Kids,Baby - Allow the child to enjoy a peaceful nap,allowing you to concentrate on driving on the road
  • Breathable materials: 100% polyester. This Vocheer support not only fully comfortable for the kids, but the soft material keeps your baby cool since it wicks away sweat
  • Better choice for Kids:Keep baby's head not dropping on his chest. child's head and neck are in well position.Supports any toddler, or baby head from 1 to 5 year old
  • Sweet gifts for children and Moms.Tests passed, free of toxins, no chemicals and kintted fabric, The Vocheer support is ultimately suitable for your child, your family and friends.
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    vocheer Toddler Car Seat Head Support Band Adjustable Carseat Sleep Nap Aid Holder Belt He
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