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6pcs Flange Insert 1315mm Compatible with MedelaSpectraElvieMomcozyTSRETEWillowKISSBOBOMom

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  • This set includes two models:13mm,15mm,with three pieces for each size.13mm/15mm inserts compatible with most 24mm shields/flanges.It will reduce the 24mm shield nipple tunnel down to 13mm/15mm.Compatible with Medela,Spectra,Phanpy E-Shine,Lansinoh ComfortFit,Lulia,IKARE,TOVVILD Electric Breast Milk Pump 24mm shields
  • Compatible with any S9/S9 Pro/S10/S12/S12 Pro Wearable Breast Pump 24 mm cups (not for 27 mm cups),example for Momcozy,TSRETE,Luxlady,HAUTURE,eulumap,CPPSLEE,GODASA,Cupood,Fisroa,Goldeep,Zybeauty,PADRAM,HAHOME,Kompoll,OMFMF,LRKHFFD,LORYHALL.
  • Compatible with KISSBOBO,NCVI,MomMed,Bellababy,Elvie,Ainsir,Willow,DENICO,Mumeasy,REDFMG,Paruu,kidzio,HOUSETELL,Opnmina,Zooawa,puidselly,Kisdream,SIFREAW,YOUHA Wearable Breast Pump 24mm flanges
  • BPA free,made of food-grade silicone,easy to clean.Soft and odorless,nice pump parts replacement.
  • The size of your flange insert is important for comfort and efficient pumping.Some moms have the experience of nipple swelling while milking, so it is important to observe the appearance of the nipple during pumping. The flange insert is recommended to be replaced every 1 to 2 months.Please choose the right size.
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    6pcs Flange Insert 1315mm Compatible with MedelaSpectraElvieMomcozyTSRETEWillowKISSBOBOMom
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