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Silicone Placemat 1pc Silicone Pad Placemat Leather Placemats Desk Decor Outdoor Table Dec

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  • Clear Coasters: You can buy this simple and practical silicone pot holder an price.
  • Table Top Decor: Silicone placemat has a certain degree of good anti- properties, are very stable, and are not easy for food to move.
  • Desk Mat For Desktop: DIMENSION- 40x30xcm/ 15. 7x11. 8in, silicone placemat can be placed under tableware, plate, pot, cup, ashtray, also suited for office work and writing
  • Clear Desk Pad: Perfect Decor- Our placemat silicone have exquisite shape and elegant colors, can be a good decoration for your dining table, kitchens, and business office, bringing a little good cheer into your life.
  • Table Placemats: It is made of durable and gentle silicone material with excellent texture and not easy to tear.
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    Silicone Placemat 1pc Silicone Pad Placemat Leather Placemats Desk Decor Outdoor Table Dec
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