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LePvo Nipple Ruler Nipple Rulers for Flange Sizing Measurement Tool Silicone amp Soft Flan

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  • 【Our Flange Size Measure for Nipples Can Help You】The new Mama's nipple rulers, help you find right and comfortable breast pump flange or shield to avoid pain during suction. you find the right nipple flange, and then new mothers will really enjoy the process of sucking and breastfeeding. Let the baby grow up healthily.
  • 【New Mothers Must & Helper】Nipple ruler for flange sizing, New mothers can be confused when choosing the perfect breast pump flange or shield to avoid pain, fortunately our nipple ruler, silicone material, soft, safe, non-toxic, comfortable, 2023 Latest Nipple Rulers, provides all-round protection for new mothers, help you quickly determine the right & suitable "breast pump flange "or others.
  • 【How to Measure】Please hold our silicone Nipple measuring tool ruler 0 towards the edge on one side of the nipple and observe the size of the nipple by looking in the mirror or taking a picture, or place the nipple in the largest circle you can comfortably fit into so you can comfortably insert without having to force. It is recommended to measure and adjust the flange size regularly, and use the nipple measuring tool for flange to measure each nipple separately.
  • 【Reliable, Safe, Soft & Comfortable】Our nipple ruler, made of silicone material,which can be bent, It can be crumpled up, but it will still be the same, and is skin friendly, safe and reliable, suitable for long-term use, Don't worry, it will provide you with a comfortable use experience.
  • 【1.5M Soft Ruler】Of course. We provide a 1.5m flexible ruler to observe your body changes during pregnancy and support the new mother's body management during postpartum recovery. Even after your pregnancy has ended, our measuring ruler tool set can help you with many home measurements.
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    LePvo Nipple Ruler Nipple Rulers for Flange Sizing Measurement Tool Silicone amp Soft Flan
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