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SAFIGLE 3pcs Cutlery Spoon Toddler Utensils Set Kid Suit Portable Cutlery Set Portable Tab

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  • Baby silverware set: cartoon animal themed design, get attention and let him focus on the eating.
  • Flatware sets for baby: smooth surface, it is very convenient to clean.
  • Toddler fork and spoon set: can be used to feed soup, rice, and other food to your baby, or can be used as a self-feeding spoon.
  • Metal kids utensils: cute appearance, not only practical but also generous for children to use.
  • Cutlery set: luxury and lustrous design: unique extraordinary, this versatile stainless flatware cutlery set features a gleaming mirror polish which requires no repolishing.
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    SAFIGLE 3pcs Cutlery Spoon Toddler Utensils Set Kid Suit Portable Cutlery Set Portable Tab
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